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Transport related emissions make up 26% of the total UK emissions

Car Sharing

Would car sharing be an option for you for one or more of the times you use your car?

You can find out using one of the many car sharing sites. Here is link to the car share Cornwall site which allows you to search for potential matches to your planned journey 

Another option is the pasty connection

If successful, please share your experiences by e mailing us, we could add this to our blog. 


Cycling is great low impact exercise. Bikes are less expensive than cars and the technology is really progressing on electric bikes. If you work, talk to your employer about setting up cyclescheme or similar to allow employees to get money off bikes and pay in installments over the year. 

Electric bikes are a bigger investment but allow you to get to work faster and avoid the need for showers at the other end. Again, if you work, employers can decide to use the Green Commute Initiative to offer great savings to their employees. 

Cycling is easy to do and learn, however, changing a tyre can be tricky!! You Tube is a mine of information on how to do this. If anyone is particularly skilled in the art of changing bike tyres and would like to teach others could we set up a session to do this? E mail us if you would be interested in this.  

Public Transport

Buses visit the village daily. Information on timetables is available here. 

The nearest train stations are Peranwell and Penryn on the Maritime line. This line runs daily from Falmouth and Truro where it connects to the main line to London and beyond. 

Google maps is a great tool to allow you to plan your route using public transport, you can select which mode of transport you are planning to use and it will provide all of the options. 

Using public transport you can sometimes only get part of the way and then are faced with using a taxi, which can be expensive, to get to your final destination. There is another option in the south west in the form of Co Cars. You can hire cars by the hour (£3.75)  or day (£27.50) through an app. 

Electric and Hybrid cars

2040 will see the last new petrol and diesel cars being sold, and 2050 banning their use on UK roads.

Electric car technology is progressing fast and people are now successfully using electric and hybrid cars.

A new electric or hybrid car may not be in your price range! If so, all is not lost, you can make a point of asking for one when you book a taxi or hire a car when on holiday or travelling for work, this will help reduce emissions and give you a chance to understand what it is like to drive one. 

If you would like to find out what it's like to own and use an electric car get in touch as we have people within SEG with electric and plug in hybrid cars  who can provide practical information.

There are often events where electric cars and bikes can be trialled. We will publicise any local events that we are aware of.

If you would like to understand where the local charging points are check out the Zap Map website.  


Flying is the worst for carbon emissions. Flying emits green house gases high up in the atmosphere, this amplifies their effect. Could you travel by rail or ferry instead to get to your destination? 

If you can't avoid flying some airlines offer the chance to offset the green house gases caused by your flight by planting trees etc. There are several websites such as Carbon Fund and My Climate

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