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Tree Planting

Trees are essential in combating climate change. In conjunction with Stithians Parish Council we have been granted some trees for planting in the Parish of Stithians.  

The plan is to plant them in areas around the parish to increase tree cover and biodiversity. The trees arrive in November and we will be looking for volunteers to help with planting. Watch this space....

At the Stithians Show we gave out some seeds, we would love to see and share any pictures of the seedlings when you have them. Once they get to a certain size we can plant them up at the show ground. 

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Grow and plant your own

Growing your own tree(s) is easy and needs minimal equipment. So if you find an acorn, conker, helicopter etc why not have a go at planting it? 

Once your seed has grown to a seedling you can plant it in your garden or another area with the landowners permission. Be careful not to plant too near to buildings as roots can damage foundations and cause structural issues. 

If you would like help finding a suitable location for planting let us know and we will help find one for you. 

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